God has blessed Dallas with musicians and singers who volunteer their time and talent in our services, praising and worshipping our Lord and Savior. Our choir is filled with dedicated members who put their whole heart into singing during worship time in our services. Over the last 20 years we have recorded 4 CD projects, with our most current release " Campmeeting Live" now available. This project was recorded during our 2018 Campmeeting featuring our musicians, choir and singers.

Every week, our anointed choir and vocalists sing with joy as we lead worship in each service. We have received numerous emails and comments from around the world regarding our music ministry since we began streaming our services.

Our singers and musicians are not entertainers or professionals, but they play and sing because of their love for God and the Dallas Church of God.  

Children's Ministries

We have a thriving children's ministry. Our workers are spirit filled leaders who understand the value teaching our children about Christ. We have a spirit lead children's church on Sunday mornings, our kids choir kicks off the day at 9:45AM  where the children are the focus. The sing together, sing solos, play instruments and quote scripture they have learned. Then at 10AM they are taught life lessons taken from the bible in Sunday School. At 11AM, "Children's Church" service is conducted on their level and lead by our spirit filled children's leaders. Alters are open to the kids and we are seeing souls saved. On Wednesday nights, our children's leaders focus on family values and Christian principals and our kids love game time.  Bible schools are always a treat at Dallas where kids imaginations can run wild but always lead back into toward on Christ. We would love the opportunity to share Christ with your children through our ministry here at Dallas. 

Sunday School


On Sundays at 10AM, our Sunday School teachers bring us leaning from the word of God. We follow a curriculum which focuses on our doctrinal beliefs written and confirmed by his word. Old Testament lessons focus on how God instructed His people to live their daily lives. The Old testament also provides us with a rich history and insight into the tribulations that God delivered them from and the triumphs they enjoyed with God's guidance and direction. New Testament lessons focus on daily living as instructed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and written by the prophets and apostles. Our teachers are dedicated to teaching us the word of God through their preparation , prayer and fasting.


We invite you to come visit one of our classes and experience learning about the full Gospel written within the pages of the Bible. 

Online Ministry

Today's technology is allowing us to reach more people than ever with the Gospel. We began streaming some years ago but recently upgraded our equipment, renovated our sound room and expanded our media team. These dedicated folks work behind the scenes to bring all of our services live around the world through our website and online services such as facebook, twitter and other platforms. Hundreds join us each week live for the services, and thousands view the video archives., many of them sending us messages thanking us for providing a way for them to "attend" Dallas. A few comments we have received... 

" I watch the services online and it is such a blessing to be able to worship with this spirit filled church"

"This is a great place to worship, especially when I am not able to attend my home church. May God continue to strengthen the ministry."

We have even had those who watched us online in other states actually move to Dallas to become a regular in house member. With the politically correct environment, we can't predict how long we will have the freedom to bring traditional penetecostal worship to those online, but we will continue as long as this door is open. We also archive the services so they are available on demand. God has blessed us at Dallas and we give HIM all the glory. It is by His grace that we continue to enjoy spirit filled services where the anointing can not only be felt in the sanctuary, but through online devices all across the world. 

Bus Ministry

Our bus ministry team is lead by passionate, enthusiastic team members who want to take the message of Jesus from inside of the Dallas Church of God out to our community and compel them to come in as the Bible teaches. The focus has been to reach un-churched children and bring them to church to share the gospel, planting a seed, growing to reach the entire family. When our first Pastor started Dallas, she started with a tent, reaching out to the children first who then brought their parents and the Dallas Church of God began to grow. These 70 plus years later, we are using this message of reaching the children to help fascilitate the positive change in families lives that only Jesus can truly bring. Not only does our team provide transportation to our services, but they have reached out to families in our community, providing things such as school supplies or catering meals at a nearby venue. A health fare is planned for 2019,  geared to provide much needed health and wellness information as well as providing specific wellness services to those in our community.

This ministry team is truly tring to live by the command Jesus gave in Luke, chapter 14, verse 23... "And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

We are thankful for all those who work in ministry at Dallas!

Our staff of ministry workers are mostly volunteers. Many spend countless hours of study, prayer, preparation, setting up equipment, organizing special events, decorating for special events,  providing construction services, operating audio-video equipment, designing flyers and graphics, record keeping of offerings/tithes, practicing songs, cleaning properties, cooking and providing food, providing maintenance of buildings and other services that keep our church thriving. We are so blessed to have so many dedicated folks and Dallas would not be the church it is without their contributions of time and effort.